About us

Show the competition a clean pair of heels!

Welcome to Equigeek. We are an odd and unusual blend of Horse Mad Techies!

Our main aim is to provide top quality Online Technical Assistance to those in the equine industry.

For those of you who like to use computers, but understand far better the reasoning behind your horses actions, then we are for you.

Your website needs,  to work properly and efficiently, and  SELL your product. Your site should be earning you money!

We design websites that give you control over your own content.

We specialize in providing the best Social Media and Networking advice to our clients, including account set up and operation for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and Ebay!

In these days when money is tight we should be utilizing as many methods of bringing business to our doors.

Your website should also be easy for you to use and update, and linked to your social networking sites.

At Equigeek we produce Top Quality Websites, as well as a range of other Marketing , Technical Services and Training in all aspects of Web Marketing.