Blogging gone bad!


There is an ad currently running on Irish Radio, that completely encompasses my blog this morning. It starts with a man giving a tedious Power Point presentation, in a droney voice which is then replaced by a more interesting way of getting the same message across.

Why oh why do so many people have to write their blogs in either a moany/droney or preachy way?

Why don’t they just say what they mean and stop talking down to us?

The Blog in question shall remain nameless, needless to say, I have unfollowed them, so I have made my lack of interest known in that way, but they are not alone.

There are quite a few really interesting Horse Blogs out there, @pollson is the best for rider tips! There are even, though I know some of you won’t believe it,  quite a few erudite, and amusing Techie blogs out there!

I love to read blogs that give me an insight into the reader. I love to read blogs about individuals and their trials and tribulations with their horses/writing/children/computers. They are usually the voices of individuals, and I like meeting new people.

I do have my limits though. If you are going to write a post on increasing your blog attractiveness, or how to improve “feel” when riding, DO NOT make it tedious, unimaginative, boring and inaccessible

If I have to read the same post, over and over and over again, and you’re not saying anything new ….please don’t say anything at all!



New Year, New Site?

I have already had queries from people to update or spring clean their existing sites for 2012!

Great news for me but I have had to look at why.

Why do the majority of businesses I talk to feel their site is not meeting expectations? Are they too high? Unrealistic? Or did they ever meet the criteria that all sites must have… to Sell the Product or Service?

Businesses do not spend their web budget with the idea of “Having a Web Presence” they need their marketing to actually produce results!

So if you are looking at a site that looks tired and dreary, ask yourself one question…what return do I get from this.

If the answer is I don’t know, then it is time to rethink your expectations and be realistic about the message you want to get across, and to examine how you are going to do it.

Perhaps you have a new market, or your business has diversified and the target audience needs to be rethought.

Perhaps the message needs revitalising for the year ahead.

Either way, if you are not getting the return you envisage it’s time to talk to your designer about realistic plans for the new year.


If the answer is none then it’s time to get a new site immediately!