Blogging gone bad!

There is an ad currently running on Irish Radio, that completely encompasses my blog this morning. It starts with a man giving a tedious Power Point presentation, in a droney voice which is then replaced by a more interesting way of getting the same message across.

Why oh why do so many people have to write their blogs in either a moany/droney or preachy way?

Why don’t they just say what they mean and stop talking down to us?

The Blog in question shall remain nameless, needless to say, I have unfollowed them, so I have made my lack of interest known in that way, but they are not alone.

There are quite a few really interesting Horse Blogs out there, @pollson is the best for rider tips! There are even, though I know some of you won’t believe it,  quite a few erudite, and amusing Techie blogs out there!

I love to read blogs that give me an insight into the reader. I love to read blogs about individuals and their trials and tribulations with their horses/writing/children/computers. They are usually the voices of individuals, and I like meeting new people.

I do have my limits though. If you are going to write a post on increasing your blog attractiveness, or how to improve “feel” when riding, DO NOT make it tedious, unimaginative, boring and inaccessible

If I have to read the same post, over and over and over again, and you’re not saying anything new ….please don’t say anything at all!



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