Following Through….


Sometimes we have the best of intentions, but just don’t get around to doing what we know we should.

Often we give ourselves a hard time about it.

It starts to become bigger in our heads than we originally thought.

An insurmountable task. It gives us more reasons to avoid it.


With Websites and Social Media, it’s often Blog posts that suffer the most.

We mean to do it.

We want to do it, but there are so many other very important things that need to be done first.


I think that Nike have it right…Just do It!


It doesn’t have to be War and Peace, or of great interest to the entire world.

It just has to be a few lines that allow you to express yourself.

It can be a rant, a comment, a feeling…Just do It!

You’ll feel fantastic afterwards, and your blog will blossom.

You’ll find that the dreaded task becomes so easy, that you look forward to it, and so will your readers.

It’s easy to castigate ourselves for non completion of a task, however, not everyone is always “On the Ball.”

Sometimes we all drop it from time to time.

A blog is like a conversation with a friend, sometimes you have lots to say, sometimes not.

Allow yourself to enjoy the conversation.


Just Do It!