Timeline……Getting your Head around it!


So now that all the Pages have officially moved to Timeline on Facebook, how are you all getting on?

I’ve had a lot of feedback over the last few weeks…..some people love it , some hate it, but you can’t ignore it.

Although most of us don’t like change, it’s now time to embrace it. Now is the time to take the opportunity to completely revamp your Facebook Image.

A makeover if you like.

This new format allows you to really take control of your marketing and to measure the level of engagement from each post.

Let’s look at the new features:

  • Cover Photo: Make sure that you have a picture here that is really worth a thousand words. It is worthwhile getting a really good image for your cover photo as this is what people will identify with your business.
  • Views and Apps: This is where your link to Photos, Likes etc now lives. You have the ability to change the images on a number of these badges to make them more in keeping with your brand… Take this opportunity.
  • Pinned Posts: On the top Left Hand side of your post you will now find an Edit or Remove option. This allows you the option of Pinning your Post. This means that it will stay at the top of your page for 7 days. This has advantages and disadvantages, as people tend to flick through pages quickly, they may not be aware of newer content if they return to your page to see the same post at the top. However if it is a post that has drawn in a lot of engagement, then it gives you the chance to make the most out of it.
  • Highlight Post: The new Star button, (also top left of a Post) permits you to highlight a post so that it goes across both columns of the new Timeline layout. It is important to use an image that translates well to the bigger size.
  • Milestones: This is a great chance for you to blow your own trumpet…after all no one else will do it for oyu, so write about your launches, products or other significant Milestones. Don’t be shy!
As well as these new features, Facebook have also given us a new Admin Panel.

Now you no longer have to wonder which of your posts is getting the most attention as the Insights Section in the Admin Panel now does this for you. This allows you to really give your audience what they want. Video links, Photos or Comments, some work better than others, now you can measure their effect.

You can now respond more quickly to Messages and New likes directly from the Admin Panel, allowing you to really create a more personal interaction.

So with all these positives are you ready to Like the new Timeline?

If anyone would like further help or advice on how best to use Facebook to market their business, please contact me terri@equigeek.com