Badminton Radio – We need more of this!

BHT-SN-2744Well Badminton got off to a great start in the sunshine on Friday Morning!

Not able to be there in person this year, I, like many others, sat at my computer for the day and listened to Badminton Radio.
Now this is the best radio station you’ve ever heard as far as I’m concerned. Commentary on every dressage test, only equestrian news, and great interviews with the riders. What’s not to like?

Well yesterday they went one better. They had Pammy Hutton as a commentator!

This was spectacular, as Pammy knows everyone in the Horse world, and better still knows how the test should be ridden.
She didn’t hold back with her comments, ” A 1? That’s a bit Harsh!” and “Oh a 5 there, can I say that was a bit mean?”
How often have we all felt exactly the same after a dressage test? So wonderful to hear one of the top trainers saying it!

On twitter someone said she was “The Joan Rivers of the Horse world” and even having to have lunch in the judges tent didn’t deter her.

We need more of this. We need to make more use of the fantastic knowledgeable people we have in our industry and let them tell it as it is.
It was a joy to have real insight into what was going on, and my only lament was…this should have been going out on Television.

After the Olympics last year, have the broadcasting authorities not seen that there is an audience for this sport, and a worldwide one at that.

I’ll be tuning into @BHTRadio this morning and following the hashtag #MMBHT to make sure I don’t miss a minute of this years Horse Trials!

We’ll be shouting out for all the Irish Riders and horses, Sarah Ennis and Esib Power are first of the Irish out this morning, But wow what a fantastic test yesterday by Aoife Clark, to push herself into joint 4th with William Fox-Pitt

And if you’re there…bring the sunscreen and the waterproofs!BHT-SN-2735

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