Facebook changes it’s mind again – What does it mean for you?


Over the last few days, Facebook have finally caved on their Page Promotion guidelines.

Those of us who were tangled up in the web of dos and don’ts can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The Share and Like post is no longer Verboten! 


No longer the search for Techno wizards who can create “apps”. No more threats of page annihilation…..or so you would think.

However Facebook may have conceded that they just can’t police the Like and Share for businesses who make them their money, but they have refined the rules just a little to make it easier to punish any failure to comply.

So what does it mean for you?

If you have a Business Page, you are now free to create as many Like and Share competitions as you please all with the blessing of the Overlords at Facebook.

However where they have made a differentiation is on Personal Pages.

If you are running your business as a personal page…watch out.

The new rules are specifically for Business Page owners.

In my opinion this is to make it easier for Facebook to catch and make an example of non compliance without any serious consequences on the revenue side for them.


It’s now time to switch over to Business pages immediately. Having caved on something they spent a lot of time and effort on, I imagine those who continue to contravene the Facebook guidelines may find themselves in rather hot water.