Twitter bios and the great CV fiasco!

Social Media might mean communicating in 160 characters, but it doesn’t mean we switch off our BS radars!

I’ve just read an interesting, and wholly serious post about the necessity for a “professional” sounding Twitter Bio. This advocated using the correct number of relevant “action verbs” and perhaps getting a stand up comedian to write it for you. I was reminded of a Not The Nine O’Clock News Sketch from the late 70’s where the punchline was about the way something was said and not the content!

Ok it is hard to find something interesting to say in that small amount of space, but  do we really need to go the route of C.V.’s on our twitter feeds.

To me the new C.V. is almost impossible to read, full of aspirations, achievements and very little content. I’m only looking for one thing….Can you do the Job? Not can you spin me a story that is convincing enough to make me think you can do the job.

My BS radar comes out at this junction and if the whole thing smacks of “buzzwords” I’m going to bin it. After all, who wants to actually work with someone who spends their life following the trends of the latest and best Buzzwords to use?

Worklife is hard enough without encouraging this sort of nonsense. In short I want to know: are you honest, can you work hard,  and are you loyal and reasonably intelligent?

Everything else can be taught, absorbed or learned by anyone with these traits. I don’t want someone who can put the latest Buzzwords in a list and hope I haven’t noticed.

The same goes for Twitter Bios. There is a funny website that generates ridiculous Twitter Bios for amusement, however I found it astounding how close to the truth these actually are. Being on social media, and using it effectively as a marketing tool, may mean that you have embraced the future of communication, but it doesn’t mean you’ve lost the ability to make a judgement call.